Smoke Detectors System

smoke detector basement

System Smoke Detectors

One of the biggest threats to the safety of your home and family is fire. A fire can cause irreparable damage to your property very quickly, and even worse, threaten your family’s safety if you aren’t notified in time to evacuate your home. A quality smoke detector can keep your home and family safe by giving you a timely notification if any danger of fire is detected within your home. Our fire systems also detect carbon monoxide leaks, which can pose a serious threat as the gas is colorless, odorless, and potentially fatal.

Smoke and fire detection systems feature:


  • State-of-the-art fire alarm control panels that accurately relay critical information.
  • Detection devices that accurately detect smoke, heat, or flames and report any anomalies by zone, pinpointing the areas in alarm or in question.
  • Instant notifications such as strobe lights and horns as well as text messages to your smartphone or other mobile device

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