Institutional Healthcare



Healthcare facilities, such as clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices, often house sensitive information such as patient records, costly equipment, and regulated/controlled pharmaceuticals. In order to protect these valuable assets as well as the patients, healthcare facilities require security systems tailored to their unique needs. Protective Services Group offers security solutions for healthcare institutions, including:

  • Video surveillance, monitoring and recording– keeping a close watch on the facility can deter theft of records and medications (including internal theft) and serve as evidence in the event of an incident
  • Perimeter/outdoor systems– in addition to keeping watch on the activity within the facility, perimeter systems monitor the surrounding areas, which can be the target of vandalism or attempted break-ins
  • Fire safety systems- timely notification in the event of a fire is crucial in order to safely evacuate staff and patients from the building
  • Intrusion detection alarms- in the event of a burglary or similar event, alarms will sound and the authorities will be notified
  • Mass notification and emergency communication systems- instantly notify all staff members of instructions and updates in the event of an emergency
  • 24/7 Monitoring- even if there are times when no one is on site, our professional experts will monitor your school’s security systems to ensure that the facility is protected at all times.

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