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Our FREE System:   Home alarm system installation in the South Jersey area. There is an ($89.00) Customer Home Alarm Setup Charge. 36-Month Monitoring Agreement required at ($29.95) per month utilizing your active land phone line.  Radio or broadband connections are slightly higher. Equipment in basic package as presented above including installation:

  • Alarm Control – the central processor for the system – AC powered with battery backup
  • Arming Station for turning system on & off
  • Doors protected with door contacts so as to detect opening
  • Passive Infrared Motion Detector
  • Indoor Sounder to alert inhabitants that an intruder has tripped the alarm
  • Yard Sign & Window Stickers

1     Wireless Key fob for remote arm/disarm and local panic alarms

(All associated hardwired & wireless components, wiring, hardware and installation as needed)

The following statements are included in all “Free” system advertising as they are here, but are generally too small for you to notice. There are no Credit Checks, nor requirements for credit card or bank account withdrawals with traditionally purchased systems.

Sales tax is required and not included in pricing. Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic check. Offer applies to homeowners only. (no renters, apartment or mobile homes),Local permit fees (not included in above price) are required in New Jersey* and are as quoted by your local code office. Satisfactory credit history required**. Certain restrictions may apply. Offer valid for new Protective Services Group customers only. Other rate plans available. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Actual alarm systems may vary from items pictured throughout our website. A customer set-up charge (with most companies $99 with us $89). A contract commitment must be signed for a minimum of three years.

  • * Installing an alarm system in New Jersey without a permit will not only subject you to fines, but may also prevent you from collecting from you insurance company in the event of a loss.
  • **All “Free” marketed systems can only be installed after you pass a relatively high credit history test.

Your privacy does matter! – By submitting this form, you are requesting more information and are under no obligation to make a purchase. Your information is secure and absolutely private. 

^ Apartment Alarm Systems: Generally outside sirens are not permitted. Our lenders will not permit us to install a “Free” system in an apartment.

^^ Trailer Type Homes: Generally outside sirens are not permitted. In many cases we must have a land telephone line (not as secure as radio transmissions) or access the internet (more secure than telephone line but less secure than radio transmissions) to transmit signals to the central station. Our lenders will not permit us to install a “Free” system in an apartment.