Perimeter / Outdoor Systems

perimeter outdoor systems

Perimeter / Outdoor Systems

Does your surveillance system allow you to see the surroundings of your home as well as the interior?

Video surveillance within your home is important to keep your loved ones safe, but keeping an eye on the surrounding areas of your home is equally important. A visual record of the outside perimeter of your home can protect your home from vandalism, burglary, and theft of packages/mail.


Perimeter systems include:

  • Motion-activated lights to deter burglars/vandals after dark
  • Video cameras with clear, full-color night vision
  • Vandalism-resistant metal-cased cameras
  • Weather-resistant cameras that record even in inclement weather
  • Video recording of activity outside your home that you can view at any time
  • Remote viewing of video from your mobile device
  • Intrusion detection alarms and sensors

Make sure that the inside AND outside of your home are protected by calling Protective Services Group today to get a customized perimeter surveillance system.