24/7 Monitoring

Dee Scanning the Central Station Time & Events Screen

Greg & Lew Central Station Backup Power Unit

Dee & Lew Above Alarm Monitoring Operation

24/7 Monitoring

What would happen if someone broke into your home while you were on vacation?

Even if you already have an alarm system in your home, do you have the time to monitor the activity around the clock? Protective Services Group offers professional monitoring so you don’t have to worry about constantly keeping an eye on your home- leave that to the professionals! We give you peace of mind knowing that if anything happens, Protective Services Group will notify you immediately, and the authorities if necessry.

We offer monitoring for:

    • Burglary Alarms
    • Fire/ Carbon Monoxide Alarms
    • Video Surveillance units
    • Motion detectors

The sooner you call Protective Services Group to talk about professional monitoring options, the sooner you can rest easy knowing that your home is safe at all times