Products and Brands

products and brands

Products and Brands

Protective Services Group, Inc. sells, installs, services and monitors electronic systems of all types. While we specialize in security and fire systems we also will work with video surveillance, access control, environmental controls, pump running signaling, generator running signaling, power out/loss indicators, freeze detection, high temperature conditions, air-conditioning condenser security and other controls of various types needing to be monitored 24-7.

We are also an active in alarm business acquisitions in the South Jersey area. In as much as we service many different brands of systems installed by other companies that we have purchased, we are familiar with a large number of brands. Some of those *brands are listed here:

Security & Fire:

Ademco/Vista/Honeywell, DSC, Napco, GE, Moose, Pelco, AXIS, Moose, Acron, FBI, Radionics, DTI, Altronix, Amseco, Linear, Visonic, Uplink, Winland Electronics, Salco, Elk, Interlogix, Bosch, Optex, Ditek, Yuasa, Power-sonic and others…


Napco, Honeywell, Potter, GE, Fireworx, **Edwards, FireLite, FCI, **Silent Knight, System Sensor, Wheelock, Gentex, BRK, STI, Notifier and others…

*Proprietary Brands – Proprietary brands are brands of equipment sold through some type of protected dealership. Generally speaking that equipment is significantly more expensive to buy, service and maintain than “Shelf Brands”, In other words only those companies having the distribution rights to that brand are permitted dealer parts pricing, and in many cases access to that manufacturer’s software programs for programing their equipment. Technically in the state of New Jersey when proposing a proprietary brand for a public (school, municipal building, state building, etc.) facility, the manufacturing company (brand) must offer training and software support to non-dealership companies. For that reason most of these proprietary brand manufacturers do have a program for non-distributors to learn the equipment. These programs however are by in large constructed so as to make it largely impractical for non-distributors to qualify. Through pricing, class scheduling and other credential qualifying, non-distributors are basically discouraged from taking business away from those having the protective distributorships. With that said, we (Protective Services Group) do work on these brands and do fire inspections on many of them but if CPU programming is required we often must call in the proprietary dealer for that portion. We strongly suggest that when getting a proposal for any type of system the specifications call for “Non-Proprietary Equipment” or more commonly called “Shelf Brands”. Shelf brands can generally be worked on by any company which leads the system owner to significantly lower installation, service and general maintenance costs.

**Both Proprietary & Non-Propretary Brands – These companies sell both a proprietary brand and a shelf brand it is important from a cost standpoint to always ask for the non-proprietary line of equipment.